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Quantum Business University

Reshaping the frontier of entrepreneurship through Evolutionary Business™

A 14-week immersion to unlock your unique strategy, lead a powerful movement and build a magnetic business that pays you for living life, your way.

Here you are...

Navigating the wild waters of an industry that is ever-growing and constantly changing.

Where on one side everyone is shouting about:

  • “The best 5 steps to 5 figures”

  • “The newest trend to triple your income”

  • “Why you should do more and post 75328 times a day”

  • “The power of doing”

And on the other side they’re all shouting about:

  • “How to attract more clients & money”

  • “3 steps to manifest your dream reality”

  • “Why you should do less and meditate 75328 times a day”

  • “The power of being”

The noise. The fluff.
The over-saturation.

You see the potential.
You know what is possible.
And you are here for more.

Yet every time you follow the advice, do the courses and get the coaching you somehow always end up in the same place…

Asking yourself the same question...

“Yes but how the f*ck am I now meant to make this work for me?!”

Welcome to Your Blueprint

Unlock the foundation for an evolutionary business that gets you well f*cking paid for sharing your gifts + living life, your way.

Ever stopped to think that maybe……you aren’t meant to do it the way everyone else is telling you to?

It's time to uncover your unique strategy that honours your flow, your creative pathways, your expression, your rhythm.

SPOILER ALERT: because your way is the only way to success.This is where entrepreneurship becomes a journey of self-reclamation. Where authenticity becomes your leverage.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. I have invested in some courses in the past, but this includes way more than anyone can expect. It’s pure gold, exactly what I’ve been calling in.” — Carla G. (QBU 2023)

“This container is not your average "program" you just do for a couple weeks and eventually get back to and integrate. This is different. This is a space of ceremony; it's intimate, it's deep, it's raw, it's challenging, it's confronting, and it's profoundly transformative on all levels. Reaching and moving you far beyond whatever definition you have for business.” — Ahrih E. (QBU 2023)

“If you ever wished for a manual to success in the most sustainable way, it’s QBU. Because QBU is guiding you back to YOURSELF all while building the foundation of your own business.” — Yara E. (QBU 2023)

This is not a course...
This is the 100%

Where do results happen?
Where does physical reality begin?
Where is money made?
QBU is based on the understanding that the full spectrum of actual reality—and everything happening in it—is in fact 99% quantum (energy) and only 1% physical.

But no one ever really talks about this. In business, it’s always "either or".

  • It’s either alllll the way structure or alllll the way flow.

  • It’s either alllll the way doing or alllll the way being.

  • It’s either alllll the way strategy or alllll the way embodiment.

And chances are you’ve been there. At both ends of the the spectrum. And you’ve realized in both places that it simply doesn’t work.Physical action-taking and doing is only one part of the equation. What actually moves your business forward isn’t either physical or quantum, but the conscious blend of both.
The 100%.

This is Evolutionary Business™

Imagine this...

  • You have a unique strategy that leverages your different and calls in new clients with every piece you create.

  • You have constant crystal clarity on how to move forward and make an impact all while being supported yourself.

  • You wake up every day excited to show up and confident in sharing what lights you up.

  • You are grounded in your way of leading people to become full-body fuck yes clients ready to take aligned action.

  • Your coaching style is authentic to you, and your clients love your unique approach, techniques and language.

  • Your business provides the financial abundance and freedom to live life on your terms. The vision made reality.

A (new) way that allows you to build wealth, by being yourself.

Your step-by-step roadmap to build timeless systems that generate a predictable income online based on your unique skillset, your experience and your creative genius.

Welcome to a foundation for a new earth business that evolves with you, as you.

Waitlist Open for 2024

Because the old ways don't work anymore.

True Success is not found through...

  • more strategies

  • more information

  • more tools

  • more volume

  • more doing

  • more trying

—but by gaining c l a r i t y on how to leverage all that you already are. It’s time to drop the walls of separation between you and your business, you and your creations, you and your visions.

An Aligned Structure = more space for being, more space for flowing, living and receiving. After all, that’s what business should be all about. The balance of getting shit done, while nourishing yourself too—and giving from that overflow. The most authentic way of working: sustainable momentum.

“QBU helped me cultivate crystal clarity and the inner resourcefulness to move in my way and be wildly successful, feeling deeply fulfilled, and creatively expressive along the way.” — Eileen A. (QBU 2023)

“Never elsewhere have I felt more at peace while learning techniques on how to approach your business. My view on doing was completely broken and rebuilt in a sustainable way for my health and projects. And to be able to come back to it again and again is the biggest gift I could have ever received.”
— Carla G. (QBU 2023)

“I feel so held by QBU as it’s everything from foundation to my boldest visions, it’s building not only confidence but capacity – capacity to go big, to reach for the stars & make my boldest visions reality.” — Yara E. (QBU 2023)

The Journey.

The leading edge of heart-centered leadership & wealth creation starts here.

Waitlist Open for 2024

This is not a course...

This is an immersion into the operating system of your most successful, liberated reality.

Systems that automate authentic expression.
Systems that automate fierce focus.
Systems that automate cash flow.
Systems that automate alignment.
Systems that automate creativity.
Systems that automate results.

“My life & mindset feel more spacious & grounded. I shifted from push + prove to sustainable + cyclical creating. I feel at ease and peaceful when I think about business and that feels amazing. The internal transformation that took place is worth millions to me” — Eileen A. (QBU 2023)

“As someone who by default is a bit more on the 'just flow' end of the spectrum, integrating 'Structure To Flow' has been a great antidote to figuring out the way of structuring my days, weeks, and beyond in a way that really aligns with me. And that has a domino effect on the different areas of your business such as content creation, back-end work, product building, self-care, self-improvement…” — Emil M. (QBU 2023)

“QBU is bringing everything into connection, nothing shared is out of context – ALL is inter-connected. So often courses are very messy & just throwing knowledge around but with QBU all is so structured and set into the big picture. Everything you read, every tool & practice is a puzzle piece to the whole. It’s a new way of guidance, way less about YOU HAVE TO DO IT THAT WAY and way more about offering a space to find what works for you.” — Yara E. (QBU 2023)

The Pendulum is swinging back.

What happens with most programs and courses out there is that you run into a TOP-DOWN problem. The all too common approach where you’re only being taught the skills, the strategies and the tools that you then install on TOP of a foundation that isn’t solid, lacking the capacity + core understanding of how. it all. connects. to You.

The result?You always end up having to sacrifice parts of yourself just to “make it work”…

  • Your way vs. the algorithm’s.

  • Your well-being vs. financial security.

  • Your rhythm vs. being productive.

Evolutionary business is your invitation to come as you are.

Come Home. Come Alive.

The Pillars.

Your Journey of heart-centered leadership & wealth creation starts here.

Module 1Your Foundation & The 99%
Module 2Shadows & Business
Module 3Structure to Flow™
Module 4Exclusivity & Magnetism
Module 5Sacred Sales
Module 6Cyclical Consistency
Module 7Embodied Entrepreneurship
Module 8Crystallizing your Offer
Module 9Evolutionary Business™
Module 10Your Formula
Module 11Heart-centered Leadership
Module 12All Roads Lead Home

Meet the QBU Signature Method.

Welcome to Evolutionary Business™

QBU provides conscious leaders with the method to monetize their unique gifts + experience, and be held by their business every step along the way.

With the Full Circle Framework™ you unlock…

  • A messaging fully aligned with your values.

  • A magnetic brand that is an authentic mirror of who you are.

  • A signature offer based on your unique gifts.

  • A soul collective here to work with you.

  • A methodology built on your style of leading.

  • An impact-driven movement meant to disrupt the industry.

...and your way of living at the core of it all.

A timeless business blueprint that opens up room for individual expansion.

Because the world needs you, in your fullest expression.

"The depth that comes with QBU is unlike anything I have ever seen. I joined other courses before but w o w – it’s like everything and more." —Yara E. (QBU 2023)

"Evolutionary business is where my expansion on a personal and professional level meets my desire for continuous transformation and recreation in the space of my creative genius. Welcome to the revolution of business + self mastery." —Ahrih G. (QBU 2023)

"What resonated most was the whole approach of building a business in a more holistic way a.k.a in a way that aligns WITH YOU, your way of functioning, your way of creating, your way of living, your way of being. And from there, finding your most unique and valuable strategy. That's what makes this work so applicable. QBU has done a beautiful job at transmitting what both the foundation side of the equation looks like + what the action side of the equation looks like, which is all we need to start out and expand. That's the formula." —Emil M. (QBU 2023)

The Mentorship.

yin & yang.

Camille :: the channel & creative.

The one who calls you out in the most loving, empowering way.

  • vulnerability in leadership

  • cyclical consistency

  • authentic creativity

Yan :: the visionary & space-holder.

Who sees you in your truth & fiercely holds you in the fire of your vision.

  • sacred sales & strategy

  • business structure & systems

  • mindset & authentic embodiment

Your Time-Tested Teachers with...

  • 8+ years of combined experience.

  • proven track record in network marketing, branding and coaching.

  • over $550,000+ closed in sales revenue.

"QBU is there to hold you, to guide you, to call you out when you play small, to celebrate you – it's your safe space to go big, to reclaim your power & let the world know that you are here for so much more. Camille & Yan see you in your greatness even when you cannot see it yourself–and having someone anchoring for your greatness & expansion is SO essential and healing at the same time. You were never meant to do it alone."—Yara E.

"The mentorship and guidance from Yan and Camille is one of a life-time. With burning passion and love for their unique way of mastering self in business, they walk alongside you. The connection they forge with the space is deeply intimate, crystal clear, inspiringly creative, and expansive beyond your imagination. They lead with clarity, certainty, and boldness. They nurture you with compassion, unconditional trust in your creative genius, impact, and mission, as well as the clear reflection of your potential. They anchor your fire for you , as you rise and come alive in the flames of your uniqueness."—Eileen A. (QBU Gold)

"Camille & Yan they desire to see you succeed – not because of any money but their greatest reward is seeing others going after their dreams. They always welcome you as you are, authenticity & integrity is valued most by them. The medicine of being seen in who you truly are is outstanding & brings out even more of your magic, shedding away your conditionings & fears. They are aware of how each and everyone of us has their own timing of unfolding and so what they offer is not a “5 steps to success” bullshit but rather guidance back to who you truly are – and if you ask me, what life is about? It's that: finding what awakes the most aliveness within you and doing more of it, making your living from it. You deserve nothing more than to be immersed in what comes naturally to you, in what brings you the most joy."—Yara L.

This is where it all comes full circle.

because your way is the only way.

This is for you if...

  • you hit a plateau in your business.

  • following the mainstream ways of doing business doesn’t feel authentic to you.

  • you know there’s so much more here for you, but you just don’t know how.

  • you are ready to expand your capacity to hold more, and turn overwhelm into creative + financial overflow.

  • you have been stuck trying to make things work, but there’s nothing moving or coming back. no more just barely getting by.

  • you feel called to share your gifts in a way that actually converts, impacts & fully supports you too.

  • you are done waiting, done trying to be someone you’re not, only to “make it work” in your business.

  • you desire a way of business that does not put you in a box, but evolves with you as you grow, heal & deepen your passions.

  • you’re done trading effort & time for slow, mediocre results.

  • you desire more ease, automation & flow in closing high-ticket authentic sales.

  • you are willing to go all in with stepping into your mission & living your most impactful, abundant life.

This is the safe space for those who have tried everything. Who are ready to start living wholeheartedly, wildly expressive, unapologetically your way—and thrive.

Time to make your declaration.

Your business is not meant to feel...

  • draining

  • frustrating

  • forced

  • inauthentic

  • stagnant


  • exciting

  • nourishing

  • empowering

  • fulfilling

  • expansive

“I reconnected to my creative energy & the tangibility of my visions on a whole new level, which gifted me the feeling of confidence, competence + of belonging in MY world. QBU encouraged me to team up with myself more fiercely + stand with integrity in my way of living. ” — Ahrih G. (QBU 2023)

“What was most troublesome for me before QBU was working with my structure/systems around business and life in a way that makes things simple, and makes things flow, which is what they are meant to do. Receiving input from QBU on how to make it all work for you instead of against you through a powerful concept like 'Time Anchors', has been the greatest game-changer for me.” — Emil M. (QBU 2023)

“The way they teach you the sacredness of sales in QBU is something that’s missing EVERYWHERE. I so often hear people quit because they do not feel safe making sales. So if you ever felt uncomfortable about selling your offer, join QBU NOOOOOW.” — Yara E. (QBU 2023)

What You Receive...

The Structure.12 modules, 60+ pre-recorded trainings, and over 45 hours worth of material — along with daily tools, webinars, worksheets.
The Flow.7 live mastermind sessions & workshops offering customized mentorship.
The Space.24/7 support from like-minded leaders & direct access to your mentors.
The Result.a highly magnetic authentic business capable of holding multi-5 & 6-figure income and impact.

This program is valued at +11.000€, but you receive the special early bird price:

One Time Payment of 3.200€ *

*payment plans available

And you get these bonuses...

  • your personal launchpad of 9 authentic business systems.

  • 2 shadow meditations & hypnotic tracks.

  • exclusive QBU worksheets & resources.

  • 240+ pages Blueprint PDF.

  • series of bonus trainings with Yan & Camille.

Payment Options.

To make QBU as accessible to as many impact-driven leaders as possible, we are offering two different payment plans of 3 months and 6 months. You can inquire more information by reaching out to us directly.

After this immersion,

You will leave with...

  • a new strategy for generating an income by sharing your gifts + skills that is completely authentic to you and fully accommodates your individual needs.

  • an unshakable identity rooted in the truth of who you came here to be, confident in your leadership, your unique skillset & your ability to make a true impact.

  • constant crystal clarity around your ability to approach business in a way that honours your rhythm, way of living & creative pathways — allowing you to see how your vision is being built every step along the way.

  • fully equipped to close high-ticket, high-impact sales in a way that feels authentic, empowering and creates long-lasting transformation and overflow for everyone.

  • a strategic map & blueprint of your business evolution that accelerates your progress, and creates sustainable momentum.

  • an intimate understanding of the mechanics of quantum manifestation & new earth business paradigm, and how to leverage them for your success.

  • 9 timeless systems that automate content that converts, organic high-quality traffic and results. a structure that holds you in your flow, that evolves with you, and always puts you first.

  • an irreplaceable unique offer based on your gifts, your own way of living, expressing, and being.

You don’t hold back when your business got your back.

Results & Testimonials.

What our students have to say...

“One of the most powerful things QBU teaches is the importance of embodiment, of certainty in identity. Another game-changer for me. All the foundation and back-end work is of little use, if it is not actually lived out and embodied. What's been extra powerful has been tying that into aligned action taking, which is the 100%, aka how the results land...”
— Emil M. (QBU 2023)

“No matter where you are at, QBU is holding you in the most beautiful expansive way. It’s also something I have never seen anywhere before, how Camille and Yan go into the depths of the so-called (by them) Stages of Evolutionary Business™ – it brings so much clarity to your own journey! You will understand better where you are at  & where your focus should go. It’s so unique and one of the most helpful tools ever as it offers you the deep understanding where you are & how you now get to prioritize your next action steps. It helps you formulate your next milestones. As in everything Camille and Yan do there is a depth to each and every stage and they are showing you how you can make the most out of each stage and how its not a linear thing but a multidimensional experience. Because your expansion only goes as high as your roots go deep. Camille & Yan desire you to go high – so get ready to go deep with them first.”
— Yara L. (QBU 2023)

“One of the most impactful aspects of this immersion has been the interconnection made with our true nature of being and doing business — something I’ve never seen anywhere else. Not only for the refreshing outlook they provide on what business actually means but also the applicable techniques that correlate directly with our one’s nature. From the beginning of this immersion, a sense of re-alignment with my truth began. From my pillars to my direction. Allowing me to meet unknown parts of myself. This all occurred by recognising my truth within many parts of QBU as well as the questions I got to ask myself. This applies to the transformation I experienced after gaining some more knowledge on how to work with my inner cycles and honour them.”
— Carla G. (QBU 2023)

“QBU is a living transmission which you can go back to a lifetime. This is something else, blazing a new way of relating to yourself, your mission + creative power. If you feel the pull for QBU; go for it. If you fear it, great. That’s when you know it's legit and this mentorship is not meant to be taken lightly. It’s a journey to prepare for.”
— Eileen A. (QBU 2023)

“The way they teach you the sacredness of sales in QBU is something that’s missing EVERYWHERE. I so often hear people quit because they do not feel safe making sales – and I was there too and still am building my own confidence, which was transformed so much through QBU, as it showed me how it’s never been about the product alone but the connection, to be of service from the heart and help others come closer to who they desire to be, who they were all along – so if you ever felt uncomfortable about selling your offer, join QBU NOOOOOW. Because Camille & Yan are not only rewriting your beliefs about sales but have such a beautiful way of guiding you through the whole process.”
— Yara L. (QBU 2023)

“If you're still thinking about it, you can stop right here. Let me tell you that this what you've been asking for. This is not a program. This is the space where you come home to yourself. And from there all just clicks and comes together. And this is it. Enjoy the journey.”
— Ahrih G. (QBU 2023)

More results...
More testimonials...
More transformation...

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Join a global community of leaders on the frontier of embodied entrepreneurship + wealth creation.(expect fire value + exclusive offers🔥)Can you feel the pull into a new reality?

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Stay in touch.

Join a global community of leaders on the frontier of embodied entrepreneurship + wealth creation.(expect fire value + exclusive offers🔥)Can you feel the pull into a new reality?

Copyright © 2024 Quantum Business University. All Rights Reserved

More Results & Testimonials.

dive even deeper into the personal transformations our students are experiencing...

“Coherence is a word that keeps coming up as I go through QBU’s chapters. As I went through Stages of Evolutionary Business, I received a framework that included pretty much all the action steps you need to take into consideration to START putting yourself and your message out there + iterating it and mastering it overtime. That’s what QBU transmits at a first glance, it's a formula to make shit work and monetise your message online.”
— Emil M. (QBU 2023)

“QBU is not a one size fits all program but a manual, an immersion, a vortex where everyone comes as they are and leaves (or rather stays, as it’s a continuous immersion) as even more themselves, standing in their truth, their uniqueness – knowing that they were never meant to be like everyone else but stand out in their authenticity, in their transformation, in their essence. Camille and Yan do not leave you wondering or guessing, they offer you the whole cake. I love how they go into details and depth in all they share and you can literally feel how they poured their whole heart and soul into every word, every picture, every diagram they used – it all has it’s deepest intention of guiding you, to your boldest visions, to your greatest desires and foremost back to YOURSELF. I feel so held by QBU as it’s everything from foundation to my boldest visions, it’s building not only confidence but capacity – capacity to go big, to reach for the stars & make my boldest visions reality.”
— Yara L. (QBU 2023)

“The power of prioritising and how to do so learned in QBU has probably been what has allowed me to experience the richness this immersion offers. Energy leakages aka distractions have been a weakness of mine since starting the entrepreneur path and the value obtained has been big and powerful enough to break with it. I am deeply honoured and grateful to have been able to be part of this immersion and receive the medicine that Camille & Yan have been cooking for so long.”
— Carla G. (QBU 2023)

“It’s incredibly beautiful how QBU is not built to go through once but to become a living vortex of yourself, it’s growing with you. You are ever-evolving and so is your business – QBU is built to support you in all of your phases, in your whole evolution of life and business. It’s not a one time offer but a life long vortex of becoming more and more of yourself.”
— Yara L. (QBU 2023)

“Through the QBU immersion I have gained a more grounded and abundant connection to my mission, my visions, and my way of living—allowing me to pour abundantly from my creative essence and see all I am, all I experience as value capable of transforming lives, while being in full alignment with present tense and becoming versions.”
— Eileen A. (QBU 2023)

“If you are willing to put in the work & take action, then join QBU because once you went through it you will literally KNOW anything you would ever need to know for you being successful. With that I do not mean overnight success but sustainable growth, sustainable success – rooted in your truth, authenticity & your core values :: in your transformation.”
— Yara L. (QBU 2023)

“QBU has touched me deeply, led me unconditionally, lovingly, but fiercely and boldly. It initiated me into more embodied levels of leadership and self-awareness, allowed me to see how my potential translates into the physical while offering me vital tools, giving me perspective on the H O W beyond needs. Long story short: I remembered who the f*ck I am, what impact and empires I am here to create, and how I can translate the creative revolution burning within me in the most effortless, expansive, expressive, and unconditional way to make waves that go beyond what my mind can wrap itself around.”
— Ahrih G. (QBU 2023)

“With QBU you’ll never feel lost because they are providing you with so many tools, prompts to go deeper within & crystallize your way of going about business, proven techniques & much more. It’s always been YOU, and Camille and Yan will always remind you that this is where your success lies ::  in your uniqueness. ‘BE YOU, ALWAYS, ALL WAYS’ – QBU”
— Yara L. (QBU 2023)

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